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Premium Hopper features

Apps on your Hopper

  • Netflix – Seamlessly search & watch without switching inputs
  • Pandora – Listening to your favorite music is one click away
  • YouTube – Search for and watch YouTube content on your TV
  • Weather – View your weather while still watching TV

Standard Hopper Features

  • Picture quality – Highest resolution and best picture available
  • Bluetooth – Easily connect wireless speakers or headphones
  • Parental Controls – Make your TV kid-friendly
  • Whole Home DVR – Share your DVR recordings throughout your house
  • Mobile Apps – Schedule recordings, pay your bill, watch live TV and more
  • Game Finder – Follow scores & stats without taking your eyes off the screen

Accessories and Extensions

  • DISH Anywhere – Watch 100% of your live and recorded TV anywhere
  • Voice Search – Say what you want and Alexa or our voice remote will do the work
  • Hopper GO – Take recorded shows with you without using your data, WiFi or your device’s storage space
  • DISH Outdoors – Travel or Tailgate with HD TV

Wired calls the Hopper 3 "The most ludicrously powerful DVR box ever"We have easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology for any needExtend your Hopper features through your entire homeSee for yourself why the Hopper is the best DVRSee all of our packagesCompare Packages by Channels

joey receiver

 Our secondary receivers, called Joeys, give you all the best features of a Hopper and let you access your Hopper’s guide, menu, apps, recordings, and more from any TV in the house with a consistent experience in every room.